Seasoned Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer Seeks Fairness for the Accused

Resolute Evans sex crimes attorney stands firm against tough opposition

For over 40 years, my firm, Elmer H. Young, in Evans has exclusively handled criminal defense matters for clients throughout Georgia. If you are facing allegations of sexual assault or another sexual offense charge, I will see that you are afforded due process and the opportunity to present a compelling defense.

Practiced litigator provides zealous courtroom advocacy

People throughout the state rely on my firm because I am known for my:

  • Vast courtroom experience — I’ve been defending people in the courtroom for more than four decades, and I know what it takes to build a strong case and to fight to win.
  • Extensive legal knowledge — Changes to existing sex crime legislation in Georgia and recent court rulings could have a significant impact on how your case plays out. I am very familiar with the laws governing criminal matters in the state, enabling me to create thorough strategies at each phase.
  • One-on-one approach — I will explore the unique intricacies involved in your legal matter and treat your case with the dedication I’d employ if it were my only case.

When the allegations are serious, you need an advocate who will leave no stone unturned in fighting for you.

Accomplished lawyer maintains an unwavering commitment to your case

You can rely on me to provide staunch criminal defense in the following areas:

  • Sex crimes — If you’ve been charged with public indecency, prostitution, child molestation or another sex crime, my firm will advise you of your legal options and work hard to clear your name and preserve your liberties.
  • Sexual assault — For individuals facing sexual assault charges for committing a sexual act with a person over whom they had authority, I will fight to make certain that they have a fair trial and the strongest defense possible mounted by a skilled, experienced attorney who knows what it takes to fight these accusations.

In any of these serious legal matters, it is essential to have determined representation from the very beginning. My firm will fully investigate the circumstances to determine why the allegations are being made and what can be done to refute them.

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Elmer H. Young in Evans, Georgia handles criminal defense cases across the state. Call me today at 706-250-9786 or contact me online to schedule your free consultation. 

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